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Angelo Branduardi ‎– Highdown Fair


LP 26 396 XOT gebruikte staat


Artikelnummer: LP 26 396 XOT gebruikte staat Categorieën: , , , , ,

Label : Ariola

Info: 1978 Duitsland

Playlist :

A1 Highdown Fair 5:25
A2 The Herons 3:45
A3 Old Men And Butterflies 2:58
A4 Lullabye To Sarah 4:23
A5 The Song Of Eternal Numbers 4:25
B1 The Stag 3:15
B2 The Funeral 8:12
B3 The Man And The Cloud 3:45
B4 Under The Lime Tree 2:53
B5 A Song Of Regret 3:05

Staat : album in gebruikte staat  / lp in zeer goede staat


A1 Back On The Road
A2 Ask For No Favours
A3 Natural High
A4 Why Let It Bother You
A5 The Last Farewell
B1 Freeze
B2 Pride
B3 No Time For Sorrow
B4 Leavin’ It All Behind
B5 Out Of Nowhere
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